IN PRECISION PERFORMANCE
An industrial process
unequalled in France

From hammering or hot spinning to electrostatic spray painting, all our machinery can be quickly adjusted and is thus ideally suited to small and medium series production runs.

Switching production from 50 L to 4 L cylinders, from screw-cutting to boring, or painting from blue to black, for example, are all standard changes that are handled smoothly and efficiently on a regular basis.

> Process de production

  Manufacturing process
  Receipt of the tubes
  Cutting of the tubes, identification and inspection
of shape
  Induction preheating  
  Hot spinning process
for base and neck

  Heat treatment,
thermal test checking
  Mechanic test  
  Hydrostatic test
  Inner and outer
and control
  Quality control   Coating and painting, serigraphy,
  Assembly of valve and boot (scuba), control, packing
and dispatch
  All products, cylinders and tanks are manufactured from non-welded steel alloy tubes, using hot spinning and/or hammering. Roth Mions is renowned for its experience in this field and its expertise in these technologies.
This expertise is the fruit of the accumulated knowledge handed down by teams of qualified technicians who are passionate about their work and skilled in all forging, heat treatment, machining, marking, hydraulic testing, shot blasting and paintwork processes.